Mitch temporarily regresses with women


-It’s Friday, Friday. Gettin’ down on Friday. Party and party Yeah! FUN FUN FUN! What ever happened to Rebecca Black? She was the voice of our generation.

-I used to have/sometimes do still have a habit of placing higher expectations onto people for no reason whatsoever. Okay mainly women. I’m pretty good at reading people. I have that Terminator scanner when it comes to finding out what kind of person you are. COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT A DATE! You can get a fitting feel for someone based on their social cues or the way they carry themselves. In my pursuit of women, I sift through those that tickle my fancy and those that don’t.

I recently came across someone who I had done this with. It was someone I had not seen in a while, but based on thoughts from my past, I had made them out to be something great in my head based on pure speculation, that when we hung out, it didn’t live up to expectations. Of course it didn’t, how could it? There was nothing wrong with the person, they were fun to be around, and I had a good time, but it was because of this bull shit that I had created in my own head, I walked away from it feeling disappointed.

I talked about it a little bit on the podcast, slipping back into a some of my silly childish ways of the past. For the most part, I am not the guy that I was in high school, at least in terms of how I interact with people. I am not that shy, quivering toddler that I was during my teenage years anymore. But as I said in the podcast, there are certain women that can knock me back into that guy. But… hi… you’re…um cute… and stuff.

This is a habit that has carried over from my days as a sheltered high school virgin. Now I’m a college educated virgin. I think because it was a person from my past, it triggered my inner teenager Mitch: the guy who creates this false allure based on predeterminations I’ve created in my own head. Combine that with the delight of nostalgia and you have yourself a whirlwind of womanly whimsy. Here is the thing though, that shit doesn’t exist. It is all made up, and for me to act like it is even remotely close to reality is ludicrous, and quite frankly ruining, or at least affecting, my chances with women.

The only way to eradicate the petty nonsense I create in my own head is to be 100% honest and upfront. Sure it may not go swimmingly, but I will no longer have to deal with these ridiculous cranial concoctions and the truth will be out in the open. In the end, they are just people trying to get by, just like everyone else. No need to treat them like anything other than human.


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