Ashley Madison gets hacked Karma


Ashley Madison gets hacked. Karma?

The website Ashley Madison was hacked yesterday. For those of you that don’t know, Ashley Madison is the online service centered around privately having an affair. They pride themselves on being discreet, so that cheaters can be confident in their ability to be a slimy piece of shit to their spouse. Ashley Madison is part of the Avid Life Media company which owns other charitable sites like CougarLife and EstablishedMen. These are quality individuals. The hacking group “The Impact Team” (not the coolest name, I would have went with “The Cheater Defeaters” or anything that doesn’t have the acronym “TIT”) is threatening to publicly release the information of over 37 million Ashley Madison users if they don’t take down the site.

First of all, 37 million people? 10% of the country is rubbing butter on their left ring fingers to pop those karats off. I would have never guessed that many people sneak around trying to get their cheat on. That explains the high stamp prices; the Post Office has so many ‘Dear John’ letters to send. Stamp jokes? Really? It’s Monday cut me some slack. The users are at risk of having all their information go public, that includes addresses, financial records, and sexual fantasies. Divorce lawyers are wetting their drawers with excitement.

Here is the juicy part: Ashley Madison may be behind all of this. Ashley Madison charges users $19 to “completely delete” their profile. Hmmmm something smells fishy here. From a business standpoint, Ashley Madison has the ultimate leverage running this sort of site. You have millions of users entrusting you and paying you for a service that could crumble their entire lives if they were discovered. Ashley Madison has 37 million users at the their mercy.

So if you are a conspiracy theorist like me, an “Oh Shit!” moment like this would spark a HUGE AMOUNT of income from users deleting their profiles. Hypothetically, if 10% of their users deleted their profiles from this hack, that is over $70 million immediately lining the Ashley Madison pockets, or bra straps, or wherever adulterers keep their money. There is no better business tactic than creating chaos for profit, and Ashley Madison gets paid to keep blackmail on 37 million people. It is evil genius and I would not be at all surprised if they were involved in the hack.

I have not been in a serious relationship, let alone anything that resembles a marriage, but from what I hear, it is difficult. Very, very difficult. It is easy for me to give critique on relationships where I have no real personal experience to draw from but I can’t imagine that snooping around having an affair is a more viable solution than being honest and communicating with your spouse. Perhaps this is karmic justice for those who cheat, or at least an eye-opener for those who feel like they have no other option but to cheat.


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