And how cares about Tinder anyway


I was not able to even carry me to do the Vanity Fair blog. Report after story regarding relationshipchallenged New Yorkers. Fellas in New York treat women awfully and talk about this on Vanity Fair. Hmm, you do not say?

The VF article is definitely a retread of a theme that has been crushed till death through the press and internet dating blog writers for pretty much two years, but VF chosen to spend time with a bunch of New Yorkers whom rack up Tinder sex mates like there’s no tomorrow and talk to them like they’re grown ups or something similar. The writer definitely emerged from a cave a week ago and the very first thing these guys did was go on a Tinder date and from now on she’s damaged for lifetime.

Astonished the cover shot wasn’t an Annie Liebowitz picture of a Twenty-four year old lad with a $Twenty five hundred suit moving down a fire escape at 7 a . m . while seeking at Tinder, on his way to conquer another target before dragging him self directly back to his $7500 a month apartment he shares with plenty of neckbeards learning to code at the same time working at Venture-financed Startup X.

“Its an eye opener and clarification of a female’s worst type of fear. The people are swiping instantly to hook up and its all simply a game.” Give me a break. The ladies who permit males to behave this manner are just as complicit on the destruction of modern courtship as Tinder can be. And then Tinder is at the bottom of the pile, besides Ashley Madison.

In N . Y thighs are spreading like there’s no tomorrow and in Japan people are so timid they must date pillows and robots and artificial gals on text messages services. Please do not get me going on the dolls. Can somebody head over to Japan and assist those poor folks?

What the hell did web dating did to us?


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